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Run multiple batch files simultaneously in background every 2 seconds

I have been working on developing a custom monitoring tool to monitor Version Store information for Row versioning and snapshot isolation performance on tempdb. Have to run a multiple SQL scripts I developed simultaneously and in background every 2 sec. … Continue reading

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Database Migration Automated

Its been a while since I posted anything here… Phew… Finishing a very tight deadline and critical Database Migration Project today. I have done myself some justification by automating the Database Migration work, that would otherwise require me to perform … Continue reading

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Batch script to Create folder with Timestamp

I have written a batch script this morning to set a standard for creating adhoc folders on servers; essential to keep things tidy and at one place. CLS @ECHO off @ECHO ***************************************************************************** @ECHO Create Folder with TimeStamp Script @ECHO Suleman … Continue reading

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Export list of files in a folder and subfolders from windows explorer

I have been trying to get a list of all the backup files present on a particular drive; Here is how I acheived this. Go start —> run —>cmd this opens a command prompt window Browse to the folder you need to … Continue reading

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Copy Folder Structure without copying any files in the folder

Use robocopy and make sure you have /XF * included in the statement, to exclude all the files mactching * ie exclude everything. c:>robocopy D:\Backups\11.02 D:\Backups\11.02.08 /mir /Z /PF /XF *

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