How to realign your skills as a DBA

One of a few things a lot of Data professionals ask me in this age of data overload – How to realign your skills as a DBA. Especially those who are starting their careers or are Junior level DBAs or developers or had a career break and want to get back into track, have a lot of concerns on not been able to keep up with technology.

My advice if you are in this situation is to take a step back and get a birds view of your skill set and identify what you are good at. Then take another step back and look at where the current market is going. For eg:- with the SQL Server 2012 release last year, there is a lot of scope for database migration and upgrades, so do you have the skills to be able to do this ? Obviously you can’t live your entire life with SQL 2000 or SQL 2005 or SQL 2008 DBA skills :). So upgrade your skills. SQL Server 2014 CTP is out and the release to happen soon.

There is a lot of help and advice freely available from the experts in the industry, this is one of the biggest things I like about SQL Server, we have a worldwide community who share experience and knowledge and wisdom from their practical exposures of the new technology. And this only gets bigger and bigger each day. While the technology is changing every day, there are a lot of pros and cons with every change, you might not necessarily know all of this from day one, however if you know where to look for information, you can learn from the experiences of the experts. Another example I can give here is, for somebody who is wondering how good the New features of SQL Server 2012 are, refer to the blog post

Set aside 30 mins every day to quickly browse through blogs from experts, and learn atleast one new thing everyday.

If you have any question or need help with SQL Server, drop me an email on , and I might be able to point you in a direction to answer your question.

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