Installing Books Online for Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Installing Books Online for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 on to your Local Disk to use a local source for help.

BOL is not installed by default with SQL Server 2012. The Documentation & Tutorial of previous versions is renamed to Documentation & Community (view this under Microsoft SQL Server 2012 in Program Files)

Step 1:- Browse Program Files in the start menu and browse to Microsoft SQL Server 2012 –> Documentation & Community

Step 2:- Browse to Manage Help Settings and click to open.

Step 3:- On the Help Library Manager page click on Install content from online

Step 4:- Install Content from Online page fetches product group info for not only the SQL Server 2012 but help for everything that is installed on the System.

The help for .Net development is also included in the content if you want to add for development.

Step 5:- Scroll down to SQL server 2012 group and add Books Online, you might as well choose Developer Reference very useful for developers with lots of samples. And go ahead add Installation

Step 6:- Once you add the required items from group, the estimated download size is shown as highlighted below; Click Update.

Step 7:- On the Next page download status of the packages is displayed.

Step 8:- After downloading the packages, Merging indexes is the next on the page.

Step 9:- Once done Click Finish.

Step 10:- you can specify the Help Library to use the local source we just downloaded on our disk where ever we call for help on SQL Server 2012; as below.



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