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I am a SQL Server Consultant / Director at Expert Database Technologies and Solutions Ltd. I have been a SQL DBA from the start of my career since 2005. I have experience working with various database technologies like Oracle and MySQL my main area of expertise is SQL Server. Please feel free to visit my official profile on Microsoft

sqlish.com is my technical reference ,Where I blog issues, hurdles, solutions, comments, fun around SQL Server, Mysql, Oracle or any other area I work on. Hoping to help and share problems and solutions across a wider audience.

I always look to provide Database consulting services to various companies and people in need. Based in the UK, I am available for consulting work pretty much anywhere in the world; Local or Remote. If you are using the Microsoft SQL Server suite of tools and you need some quick advice, be it basic health check, need to train or top-up your existing database professional, be it just a cover DBA , feel free to contact me at www.sqlish.com or visit Expert Database Technologies and Solutions Ltd. for more details.

I focus this blog mainly on the problems I face during my day to day work or I think might arise in any of the projects, but that is just trying to build on a vast experience from information and data architecture, to system analysis and development, production support, maintenance and performance Tuning.

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